If you would like to get in contact with any of our State Chairs or Board Members please telephone us at 214-534-8000 or email us at 

Alabama State Chair - Francisco Guerra 

Alabama Board Member(s) -

Arizona State Chair - 

Arizona Board Member(s) -

Arkansas State Chair -

Arkansas Board Member(s) - Greg Bischof

Colorado State Chair - 

Colorado Board Member(s) - Jeff Mielke

Florida State Chair - Chris Reed

Florida Board Member(s) - Warren Goff

Hawaii State Chair - 

Hawaii Board Member(s) - Clayton Hee

Indiana State Chair - Tom Jackson

Indiana Board Member(s) - Gene Anderson

Iowa State Chair - 

Iowa Board Member(s) - David Rehbein

Kentucky State Chair - Brent Casey

Kentucky Board Member(s) - Chad Graham, Pat O'Leary, and Dan Haddix

Louisiana State Chair - Major James S.C. Baehr, USMC 

Louisiana Board Member(s) - Lance J. Armentor, Gayle Hatch and Mike Nichols

Maryland State Chair - Timothy McClees

Maryland Board Member(s) -

Massachusetts State Chair - Frank Kemp

Massachusetts Board Member(s) - Harry "Buzz" Gillogly, William J. O'Brien

Michigan State Chair - Sidney Hicks

Michigan Board Member(s) -

Minnesota State Chair - Don Loeslie

Minnesota Board Member(s) -  Lee Egerstrom, Mark Kroulik

Mississippi State Chair - Ricardo Inzunza

Mississippi Board Member(s) - Martin F. Jue, Honorable Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Honorable Jason Shelton, Malcolm Keown,

                                                              and Dr. Mark E. Keenum 

Missouri State Chair - Richard LaBrash

Missouri Board Member(s) - Dave Pace, Joe Driskill, Paul Schuerenberg, Joseph Podorski, Gary Grigsby, Paul Pryor, Samuel "Paul" Wingfield, and Billie Krewson

Nebraska State Chair - Fred Craigie

Nebraska Board Member(s) - William Crosier, James Costello, Douglas Frahm, Karl Frederickson, Wade Graft, William Foster,

                                                            and Michael Reimers

Nevada State Chair - Dev Ramsamy

Nevada Board Member(s) - 

New York State Chair - Scott Hartman

New York Board Member(s) -  Douglas Song, Gary Giulietti, Andrew Eros, Julian Gingold, and Kevin Sexton

North Carolina State Chair - 

North Carolina Board Member(s) - Arthur "Sandy" McElfresh

Ohio State Chair - Bryan Casey

Ohio Board Member(s) -

Oklahoma State Chair - 

Oklahoma Board Member(s) - Sam McPherson

South Carolina Chair - Robert Cahaly

South Carolina Board Member(s) - 

Tennessee State Chair - Charles Sell

Tennessee Board Member(s) - Geoff Post and Beth Sell

Texas State Chair - 

Texas Board Member(s) - George Seay, Joe Hill, Kirk Dooley, and Scott Graves

Utah State Chair - Randy Edwards

Utah Board Member(s) - Jill Atwood, Michelle Bridges, Joshua Emfield, Gordon Ewell, Tara Joyner, Mike Kipp,

                                                  Robert "Bob" D. Pagnani, and Kraig Thorne

Virginia State Chair - 

Virginia Board Member(s) - Steve Meyers and Gordon Farmer

Washington State Chair - 

Washington State Board Member(s) - George Harmer

West Virginia State Chair - Todd Morris

West Virginia Board Member(s) - Charles Baisden, Mara Boggs, Chuck Flannery, Luke Goodwin, Richard Shank, Jean Lamb,

                                                                    Owen Stout, and General Allen Tackett

"State Funeral for World War II Veterans" is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID:  82-1730871.

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