Delaware State Resolution 

June 2021 Senate Concurrent Resolution  201 

requesting that a state funeral be given to the last surviving WW2 Medal of Honor recipient.

Marine Corps League resolution

Montana Resolution


Thank you so very much for your work with us in the State of Montana!  We are so pleased this Joint State Resolution has passed, and we are thankful for the document you attached.  Obviously, we are keenly interested in knowing that this communication has been sent to the President (As obviously, this is the ultimate purpose of the effort)  Thank you for assisting us in trying to discover this fact.  I also want to speak about the healing balm the bipartisan effort produced in your state.  We believe this will be the result nation-wide as well.  Once again, it is a joy to hear from you.

May God bless you and thanks again!

Dr. Danny P. Reeves

National Recruiting Chairman for State Funeral for WW2 Veterans

903-872-7473 (Office)

903-641-8840 (Cell)

Maine State Legislature Joint Resolution to President Biden

On March 30, 2021 both houses of the Maine Legislature passed a unanimous resolution to going on record to encourage President Biden to use his sole authority to designate a State Funeral for

the last Medal of Honor recipient from the Second World War.  Since they passed this resolution

Mr. Charles Coolidge of Tennessee has passed away, leaving Hershel "Woody" Williams as the last remaining HOH holder from World War II.

April 22, 2019

Tennessee Senate Joint Resolution No. 96

to President Trump

In a resolution dating from April 22, 2019, the Tennessee Senate and House of Representatives jointly support the cause of a State Funeral for the last World War II Medal of Honor recipient. The letter is signed by Randy McNally, Speaker of the Senate, Glen Casada, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Bill Lee, Governor of Tennessee.

Full text of the Tennessee Senate Joint Resolution No. 96:  Tennessee-Senate-Joint-Resolution-No-96.pdf

May 22, 2019

Texas Senate Resolution No. 69 To President Trump

The 86th Legislature of the State of Texas hereby respectfully urges the President of the United States to designate a state funeral for the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from World War II. 

Full text of the Texas Senate Resolution No. 69 to President Trump


January 7, 2019

Missouri State Resolution Supports SF for WW2 Veterans

From the Resolution:

WHEREAS, designating a state funeral when the last surviving World War II Medal of Honor recipient dies would be a wonderful way for the American people to unite and honor all sixteen million soldiers, sailors, and airmen who served in our Armed Forces from 1941 to 1945:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the House of Representatives of the Ninety-ninth General Assembly, Second Regular Session, the Senate concurring therein, hereby urge the President of the United States to designate a state funeral for the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from World War II; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chief Clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives be instructed to prepare a properly inscribed copy of this resolution for the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, and all members of the Missouri congressional delegation.

Full text of the ResolutionSF Missouri State resolution 5918H.01I

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